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Easily organize and track specification feedback.

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How it works

Step 1
Select specs

Import your office specs or purchase access to SimpleSpecs™

Step 2
Collaborate your way 

Work solo or invite your team to collaborate on moving specs forward. 

Step 3
Easy spec management 

Request information for spec editing, exchange updates, and maintain notes.

1. No page reformatting

Import construction specifications in Microsoft word without disturbing page formatting.

2. Private and secure storage.

Specifications are stored on Amazon Web Services.  We don’t sell project information to building product manufacturers, and projects remain incognito.

3. Organized by CSI MasterFormat

Imported specifications are automatically sorted by CSI Division and CSI Section to move projects forward in minutes.

4. Notifications like a To-do-List

Easily view feedback and maintain a list of critical tasks using a simple notification system.  Say goodbye to never-ending emails and revolving out-of-date spreadsheets!

5. Instant Table of Contents

Instantly compile project specs into a downloadable table of contents in Microsoft word, organized by CSI Division and Section in seconds!  Compatible with Microsoft word and pdf specifications.

6. Need specs, no worries.

Real-time release access to the entire SimpleSpecs™ catalog and free building product manufacturer specs in CSI 3-part format. Perfect for writing project specs, and updating an out-of-date office spec before use. 

7. Software to update headers, footers and text

Are you one of the thousands of design professionals using Microsoft word and hate writing macros?  Need a better way of updating document dates, header and footer changes, or change wording in your specs?

To automate the final changes to your specs, visit Global Find and Replace.

Construction specs

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