Drainage and Vent Piping


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Use this free downloadable 3-part guide text to specify finished floor drains, trench drains and grates, and drainage piping floor cleanouts by MIFAB.

MIFAB Series F100-C-TS

Double adjustable Floor Drain with anchor flange and round strainer. 1/2′′ Trap Seal Primer tapping and plastic cover included with all bodies.

Finished floor drains are installed inside a floor so that they can be covered by a layer of tile or other decorative floor finish.  The purpose is to remove water from finished floor surface.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Trend Drains

MIFAB’s glass fiber reinforced polyester trench drains are a great way to keep your site drainage system in tip-top shape.

GRP drains are reliable and versatile material in even the toughest conditions.  Resistant to chemicals and acids with a maximum working temperature of 212° F (1000 C). This exceeds most other materials (HDPE, PP and Polymer concrete) that have a working temperature of 180° degrees Fahrenheit.

The drains collect water and keep it from damaging the roadbed, prevent erosion or flooding in nearby areas. They can also help with stormwater management and reduce the cost of maintenance.

Trench drains come in different shapes and sizes, but they’re all designed to do one thing: divert water away from your project.

MIFAB C1100-TOS Series

MIFAB C1100-TOS Series “TOP SET” double adjustable vandal proof floor cleanouts for use in carpet flooring areas.  Available in a variety of sizes to match piping demands.

Floor cleanouts allow you to easily access any clogged drain pipes without having to move furniture or tear up floors—they’re perfect for commercial spaces with lots of foot traffic or residential.

Drainage and Vent Piping

For assistance on the use of the products in this section, contact MIFAB by calling 1-800-465-2736 or visit their website www.mifab.com

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