Laboratory Benches

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Laboratory Benches

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What is laboratory bench?

Laboratory workbenches are a fundamental component in any laboratory setting.  Playing a critical role in ensuring that scientific work is conducted efficiently, safely, and effectively. Here are several reasons why laboratory workbenches are important:

  1. Stable and Durable Work Surface: They provide a robust and stable surface that can withstand the rigors of laboratory work.  Including the handling of heavy equipment and the use of various chemicals and substances.
  2. Chemical and Heat Resistance: Laboratory work often involves the use of corrosive chemicals and high temperatures. Workbenches designed for labs are typically made from materials that resist these elements, thus ensuring the longevity of the workspace and the safety of its users.
  3. Enhanced Safety: Safety in the laboratory is paramount. Workbenches are designed with features like spill containment, fire resistance, and smooth edges to reduce accidents and injuries. They also help in organizing tools and substances, reducing clutter that could lead to accidents.
  4. Ergonomic Design: Proper laboratory workbenches are ergonomically designed to ensure comfort during long hours of work. This can reduce strain and fatigue for the users, leading to more efficient and focused laboratory work.
  5. Customization and Flexibility: Laboratories have diverse needs based on the type of research or testing conducted. Workbenches can be customized with various features like adjustable heights, built-in sinks, gas taps, or specific storage solutions.  Making them versatile to meet different laboratory requirements.
  6. Improved Organization and Efficiency: With built-in storage options like drawers and shelves, workbenches help keep tools and materials organized and easily accessible.  Which improves overall efficiency and productivity in the lab.
  7. Support for Specialized Equipment: Many laboratory tasks require specialized equipment. Workbenches can be designed to integrate or support this equipment, ensuring that it is secure and properly positioned for optimal use.
  8. Professional Environment: A well-equipped laboratory with high-quality workbenches contributes to a professional environment, which can be important for educational settings, research institutions, and commercial labs to attract talent and funding.

Kewaunee laboratory workbenches are ideal for a variety of settings, including medical, research, educational, and pharmaceutical laboratories. They are crafted not just for functionality and effectiveness but also to ensure maximum safety and durability in any lab setting.  Embodying Kewaunee’s commitment to quality and innovation in laboratory furniture design.

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