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8.5" x 11"
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Use this free downloadable 3-part specification to specify prefabricated metal planters by Architerra Designs.

The planters are available in multiple materials, finishes, sizes, and shapes.

Metal options are:

Steel, ASTM A36/A36M, ASTM A283, or ASTM A1008/A1008M.

Aluminum, ASTM B209 or B221, 5052-H32 alloy, and temper.

Weathering steel, ASTM A588 or A606.

Stainless steel, ASTM A276/A276M or ASTM A666, Type 304 or 316.

Planter Shapes:

[Square.] [Cylinder.] [Round.] [Tapered cylinder.]

[Tall cylinder.] [Column.] [Curved.] [Ring.] [Rectangle.]

[Large rectangle.] [Narrow rectangle.] [Lattice box.] [Rustic box.] [Corner.]

[Taper.] [Rounded taper.] [Ellipse.] [Custom.]

Input planter size: [[__ x __] inches x [__] inches high.] [[__] inch diameter x [__] inches high.]

Top style options are straight or flanged.

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For assistance, contact Architerra Designs by calling 877-494-0256 or visit their website at, or visiting this product link.

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