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Suspended Wood Ceilings


Use this 3 part specification template to specify suspended wood ceilings by Roseburg Forest Products.

Suspended wood ceilings are a striking choice for interior spaces, combining aesthetics, acoustic benefits, and versatility. Whether through wood tiles or grilles, these ceilings add a touch of natural elegance to any setting, while also enhancing acoustic comfort.

In the realm of interior design, suspended wood ceilings are an artful and functional choice that brings warmth, sophistication, and acoustic benefits to indoor spaces. These ceilings come in two primary types:

1. Wood Tiles with Acoustical Grid Support:
  • This style features individual wooden tiles suspended within a standard acoustical ceiling grid.
  • The wooden tiles are carefully designed to align seamlessly within the grid system.
  • These tiles not only contribute to the aesthetics of the space but also offer acoustic properties, helping to reduce sound reverberation and enhance acoustical comfort.
  • This design allows for easy installation, maintenance, and potential future adjustments.
2. Wood Grilles with Concealed Clips:
  • Wood grilles represent another exquisite option, consisting of wooden slats arranged in a grille pattern.
  • These grilles are ingeniously supported by a standard acoustical ceiling grid through concealed clips, providing a clean and visually pleasing appearance.
  • The grilles offer a blend of functional benefits, including sound diffusion and ventilation, making them a versatile choice for various interior applications.
Benefits of Suspended Wood Ceilings:
  • Aesthetic Appeal: They infuse spaces with the timeless charm and natural beauty of wood, adding warmth and character to interiors.
  • Acoustic Comfort: Both types of suspended wood ceilings contribute to improved acoustics, reducing noise and enhancing the overall auditory experience in the room.
  • Versatility: They are adaptable to a wide range of interior settings, including offices, schools, retail spaces, and residential areas.
  • Ease of Installation: Installation is streamlined, thanks to the compatibility with standard acoustical ceiling grids.
  • Customization: Various wood species, finishes, and grille patterns allow for customization to match specific design visions.
  • Maintenance: They are relatively easy to clean and maintain, ensuring long-lasting beauty.


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