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Use this CSI 3 part SimpleSpecs™ master specification to specify site-constructed swimming pools made of shotcrete or cast-in-place concrete shell, plaster interior finish, and stone or tile copings and markings.

This section includes overall requirements for the pool construction and refers to other sections for the installation of various finish materials. Due to the wide variety of equipment and specialties available for swimming pools, this section provides a framework for specifying those components by manufacturer and model number.

Pool Tiling

Tile and stone associated with swimming pools are typically installed with thin-set latex-Portland cement mortar and epoxy grout. Ensure that these setting materials are included in the related sections.


Apply shotcrete as specified in Section 03 37 13.

Install cut stone as specified in Section 04 40 00.

Apply plaster as specified in Section 09 25 25.

Install tile as specified in Section 09 30 00.

13 11 13 Swimming Pools

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