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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Pro user account, priced at $299/yr, does not include access to SimpleSpecs or Mechanical-Plumbing specification content. 

It provides access to the document management platform and a suite of powerful tools specifically designed to enhance your workflow. These tools facilitate collaboration, documents management, and the editing and formatting of Microsoft Word documents.

Yes. When you purchase either a SimpleSpecs or a Mechanical-Plumbing Specifications + Platform options, you gain full access specification templates within that package and a Pro user account with 10 team users. This account is a powerful tool for your team to efficiently manage your project workflow. Additionally, it includes the capability to invite 10 team members for review and collaboration, facilitating seamless document edits and teamwork. Your team will have all the necessary resources at their fingertips to optimize your project management process.

Yes, definitely! Our platform is designed with teamwork in mind. You can easily share your SimpleSpecs and Mechanical-Plumbing access with your office team. Our system allows you to create projects specifically for your team members, share editing access, and seamlessly integrate other Pro users into a single, unified team dashboard. This collaborative environment ensures that everyone in your team can work efficiently and stay connected throughout the project lifecycle.

Yes, ZeroDocs cloud is specifically designed to ensure seamless integration of your specification written in MS Word. When you upload your documents the original formatting is retained, allowing you to begin editing immediately. This feature guarantees a smooth transition with zero disruption or downtime, ensuring that your workflow remains efficient and uninterrupted.

Yes, we offer robust technical support to ensure you have a seamless experience with our document management platform using online chat. Additionally, those with SimpleSpecs and Mechanical-Plumbing accounts have access to all email support. Our support team is available during California working hours, from 9 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday and on most weekends.

SimpleSpecs templates are updated quarterly with new releases monthly basis. This ensures that your table of contents reflects the most current and relevant specs.

As a Pro user, you will have the capability to upload an unlimited number of office masters, including specific owner masters, in Microsoft Word format. Additionally, you can tailor permissions to control who can edit and who can access each specific master for their projects. This feature ensures flexibility and security in managing your customized documentation.   

You’ll be ready to edit specs in less than 5 minutes!