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Sheet Specs for Drawings

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Sheet Specs

A comprehensive set of outline specifications developed as specs for drawings and simple BIM specs.

Our comprehensive outline specs, sometimes called sheet specs, are used as preliminary specifications for larger projects and final specifications for smaller projects.

Thirty-six (36) pages of paragraph specs, each paragraph is easy to edit for a particular project.

Each paragraph spec includes red guide text within [brackets] for you to edit and build specification requirements.

After purchase, you will receive a single Microsoft word document.  We recommend purchasing an updated version yearly to receive updates and content revisions.


Advertisement for Bids

Project Description: [____], located at [____]

Bid date, time, and location: [[____] [AM] [PM] on [_____], at [____]] [To be determined]

Prequalification of Bidders: [AIA Document A305] [____]

Bidding Documents: Available in Adobe PDF format from [Owner] [Design Professional]

Examination of Site: [Available for examination at any time] [Contact the [Owner] [____] to arrange for examination of site]

Pre-Bid Conference: [[____] [AM] [PM] on [_____], at [____]] [To be determined]


Concrete Forming


Review submittals: [Shop Drawings] [Product Data] [Samples]

Formwork for cast-in-place concrete with shoring, bracing, and anchorage: Wood, metal, glass fiber, or other approved material

Form accessories: Form ties, form release agents, waterstops, and construction joints

Stripping of forms


Masonry Mortaring

Review submittals: [Product Data] [Samples]
Quality control submittals: [Test Reports]

Cast stone: ASTM C270, Type [N,] [__,] [white] [gray] [colored] [____]

Simulated stone: ASTM C270, Type [N,] [__,] [white] [gray] [colored] [____]

Concrete unit masonry: ASTM C270, Type [S,] [__,] [gray] [____]
Brick masonry: ASTM C270, Type [N,] [__,] [white] [gray] [colored] [____]

Cut stone: ASTM C270, Type [N,] [__,] [white] [gray] [colored] [____]
Testing laboratory services


Solid Surfacing Fabrications


Review submittals: [Shop Drawings] [Product Data] [Samples]

Closeout submittals: [Maintenance Data]

Solid surfacing countertops [with sink bowls]

Setting materials: [Latex-Portland cement mortar] [Construction adhesive] [____]



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