Fixed Sound-Absorptive Panels

Madrid, Inc.

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Fixed Sound-Absorptive Panels

Use this free downloadable 3-part specification template to specify CRETELight absorb, fixed Sound-Absorptive Panels by Madrid, Inc.

Used in various buildings and spaces to improve acoustics by reducing noise and controlling sound reverberation. They are an essential component in creating an acoustically balanced environment in commercial settings like offices, conference rooms, auditoriums, theaters, and restaurants.

The primary function of sound-absorptive panels is to minimize echo and reverberation within a room. They absorb sound waves instead of reflecting them, which helps in reducing noise levels and improving sound clarity.

Acoustic Performance

The effectiveness of these panels is measured in terms of Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC).  This indicates how much sound a panel can absorb. Higher NRC values mean better sound absorption.


Fixed panels are permanently installed, and are not meant to be moved or adjusted frequently. This differentiates them from portable or modular acoustic solutions.

Specification Notes:

The CRETELight Absorb system offers a microperforated acoustical solution for ambient noise and issues within any space (NRC = 0.90 when mounted with 2-inches of airspace behind the panel with a layer of mineral wool).

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Fixed Sound-Absorptive Panels

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