09 67 23 Resinous Flooring

09 67 23 Resinous Flooring

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09 67 23

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09 67 23 Resinous Flooring


Utilize this section to specify resinous flooring and cove base.


Depending on the type of resin used, flooring systems provide monolithic surfaces that are wear resistance, chemical resistance, slip resistance, and resistant to absorption of fluids. They are fluid-applied over a concrete substrate.


Koster America’s primary systems are:


Epoxy: Extremely hard and with excellent bonding properties, this is the most commonly used type of resinous flooring.  Often specified as quartz, marble-flake, metallic, and solid color epoxy floor systems with a UV-resistant clear coat.


Urethane Cement: In addition to being chemical, slip, and abrasion-resistant, urethane cement is also resistant to high temperatures, hot oil and direct heat.


Fluid applied flooring can include an integral cove base, and extending the flooring up the wall to the required height.


Consult Koster America to determine the best type of system for each project at techsupport@kosterusa.com or (757) 689-1175.


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