Water Vapor Emission Control (ZD)


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Water Vapor Emission Control (ZD)

Use this 3 part specification template to specify Water Vapor Emission Control systems for floor coverings and resinous floors.

Areas of application are newly poured concrete slab on grade and suspended decks.  The existing slab on grade is also an area of concern.

Products of this section are required to be tested to ASTM E96 water vapor transmission for compliance with ASTM F3010.

High moisture vapor content in floors can result in loss of adhesion of the finish flooring materials and damage to the finish materials themselves.  Application of a control system will prepare concr

Work of this section is sometimes included as an allowance since the need for vapor emission control cannot be determined after concrete slabs are poured and cured.

Concrete Testing

Test concrete substrates for water vapor emission, relative humidity, and alkalinity before installing flooring coverings or coatings.


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