Thermoplastic Membrane Deck Waterproofing


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Use this free downloadable 3 part SimpleSpecs™ specification to specify a vinyl deck waterproof membrane or sometimes called thermoplastic membrane deck waterproofing.

The section is based on Dec-Tec Classic Line and CoolStep Line traffic-bearing membranes.

PVC decking membranes are available in 60 mils and 80 mil thicknesses, with 10- and 20-year warranty offerings. Membranes are produced in rolls sizes of 76-inches wide x 600-foot lengths.

When a seam is required, the waterproof deck membrane is thermally heat welded together to form a continuous, watertight membrane. The membranes make for an overall watertight deck system with approved accessories.

The membrane is slip-resistant and low-maintenance with various decorative vinyl options.

For assistance, contact Dec-Tec by calling 866-461-3914 or visiting or view their installation videos to learn more.

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