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Tiling Accessories (MD Pro)

Use this free downloadable 3-part guide specification to specify tiling accessories—shower components and waterproofing, tile underlayment systems, and tile trims—by M-D® PRO.

Shower systems require installation of various waterproofing products and accompanying components that work together to create functional, attractive spaces that must perform in areas exposed to water and water vapor.


The PROVA® line of waterproofing and shower components includes different sizes and features modular abilities so that they can be combined to produce a custom shower to suit your needs.

  • PROVA-MAT® waterproofing membrane and accessories prevent water from penetrating the surfaces of your shower, resists mold growth, and offer a reliable surface for installing tile and stone. The most common areas where water can infiltrate are through the wall-to-floor joints, around drainpipes, and at penetrations through the shower walls.
  • PROVA LINEAR DRAIN® is an attractive solution for channeling water in a shower system without disrupting the visual uniformity of the tile design. It’s linear shape and tile-in-top inclusion allows you to tile over it so that it matches your shower’s tiled floor. PROVA LINEAR DRAIN® is offered in widths of 24” (61 cm), 36” (91 cm), and 42” (107 cm).
  • PROVA CURB® products are preformed shower curb that are installed along the perimeter of showers to contain water in the system and protect and finish the edges of the shower pan. PROVA CURB® is offered in different lengths and can be combined or cut down to suit the dimensions of your shower. PROVA CURB® is 4-1/2” (11 cm) in width, 4” (10 cm) in height, and comes in lengths of 48” (122 cm) and 60” (152 cm).
  • PROVA NICHE®, made from PROVA BOARD® PLUS, is a complementary storage shelf placed in the shower to provide extra space for items like shampoo bottles, soap dispensers and other small items. They can also be used along kitchen backsplashes for storing cooking utensils and spices.
  • PROVA-FLEX®, PROVA FLEX-HEAT®, and PROTEGGA PLUS® are tile underlayment systems that are easy-to-install, multi-functional membranes for supporting tile and stone installations. PROVA FLEX-HEAT® radiant heating cables to add warmth to flooring installations. Whether these underlayments are used in wet or dry areas, they decouple the substrate from the tile layer, isolating the tiles to prevent them from cracking or taking on the stress caused by substrate movement.
  • PROVA TILE EDGE® tile trims—offered in aluminum, stainless steel, and PVC—are effective commercial and residential solutions for adding finished, protective edges around tile installations. These trims each serve a unique purpose, including protecting countertop edges, finishing stair noses, adding expansion joints where tile movement is expected, and providing curved surfaces along floor-to-wall joints in rooms that must be kept sanitary.

For assistance in the use of the products in this section, contact M-D® PRO by calling 888-637-7682 or visiting the website at www.mdpro.com/prova.


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