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Get access to our advanced spec writing platform for 3-part specifications written in Microsoft Word.  All the modern collaboration and editing tools you’ll need to produce specifications at the office, home or on vacation.

– Easy to learn in minutes. 

– 100% Microsoft Word Compatible 

– Add custom headers and footers to 100s of specs in seconds.

– Collaboration for your entire team.

– Write specs from anywhere

– Edit documents without a license to Microsoft Word

– Build a to-do list, instantly.

– Table of contents builder.

– Download to pdf.

– Unlimited project sharing.

– Create task lists in seconds. 


Core Features

Our specification management software helps Specifiers, Architects, Designers, Teams, and Clients work faster – anywhere.

Import specs

Import your Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF files in seconds.

Editing MS Word

Includes subscription free, cloud based, Microsoft Word and Excel editing.

PDF Annotations

Highlight, strikethrough, comment and underline consultant specs.

Supports Page Style

Import your 3-part without the need to fix page style and layouts.


Imported files are automatically organized by specification hierarchy.

Download to PDF

Export individual specs to PDF or MS Word bundled into a compressed zip file.

Table of Contents

Automatically generates an editable table of contents in MS Word.

Custom Headers

Add header by cell or import custom header by template.

Custom footers

Add two or three column footers. Dynamically place pre-defined footer information to save time.

Track changes

Globally track changes, accept changes, reject changes or disable tracking in two clicks.

Collaboration Tools

Manage notifications, tasks, discussions and workflow in one controlled workspace.

Page Margins

Modify top, bottom, left and right page margins of all specs.


Add and remove watermarks to all your specs.

Remove brackets

Removes [brackets] showing optional specification text.

Black text

Removes red colored text that guides you during spec editing.

Updates Section #

Modify section number from and to 00 00 00 or 00 0000 throughout 100s of specs.

Spec Status Tags

Tag documents as in review, on hold, or editing complete.


Set access for each team member to block viewing, allow editing or review only.

Activity log

View whole logged in, commented and left notes instantly.

Duplicate Projects

Copy all specs to a new project in seconds.

Deadline Clock

Set a visible deadline date for everyone to see per project.

Pin Notifications

Set visible pin tasks for immediate team response.

Search all specs

Search for any wording in your specs in seconds. (Products, MFRs, websites urls, UL ratings, and ASTMs)

Find and Replace

Set access for each team member to block viewing, allow editing or review only.