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Use this 3 part SimpleSpecs™ specification section to specify a general construction summary of the Project, separate contracts that may be executed for work at the Site, work that the Owner will perform, and how the various entities will be coordinated.

This section should not include lengthy descriptions of the Work, as this is covered by the Contract Documents as a whole.

Progress schedules illustrate the status of the project’s completion to date. They are typically submitted monthly and are helpful in evaluating the Contractor’s or Construction Manager’s Applications for Payment.

Project Submittals:

“Action” submittal is the term given to submittals from the Contractor or Construction Manager that require review and action by the Design Professional.

“Informational” submittal refers to submittals that do not require action by the Design Professional. These typically include information for the Owner’s use after the project is completed. These submittals are typically passed through to the Owner without review or comment, other than to ensure that all requested data has been received.

Specific submittals required for the Project should be included in individual specification sections as applicable. For example, this section specifies requirements applicable to all shop drawings. A Division 05 section for metal decking should require that shop drawings show locations, dimensions, material thicknesses, finishes, and attachments.

Minimizing the number of submittals required has two positive impacts for the design professional.

First, the time required to review submittals is reduced.

Second, and more importantly, the Design Professional’s liability for errors and omissions is lessened.

As a general rule, submittals should be limited to those that the Design Professional must review in order to assure that the “design intent” is achieved. For example, shop drawings on how metal roof panels are flashed are essential; shop drawings on how wood blocking is installed are not.

Alteration Procedures: This article provides only general requirements for alterations. Specific requirements for existing construction that must be removed or altered must be included on the drawings.

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