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Use this 3 part SimpleSpec™ master specification to specify execution and closeout requirements design/build; general requirements related to the execution of the Work and closeout activities.

Cutting and Patching: Covers the general Work, such as penetrations of completed partitions needs to be accomplished.

Cleaning: Provisions for cleaning fall into two categories; during construction and final.

  • During construction, the Contractor or Construction Manager is responsible for the general cleanliness of the project.
  • Final cleaning requirements are more in-depth.  This will requires specific cleaning requirements in sections in Divisions 02 through 50.
  • Cleaning products, following the manufacturer’s instructions, is acceptable.  The manufacturer is the most knowledgeable entity for cleaning their products.

Closeout Procedures and Submittals:

  • In addition to final cleaning, requirements for the final accounting, final payment, and submission of closeout submittals are necessary.
  • Closeout submittals include Project Record Documents, Operation and Maintenance Data, and Warranties.  The Design Professional collects the closeout submittals for filing purposes only after project completion.
  • Some Owners may require much more detailed closeout documents, including videotaped sessions for the operation and maintenance of mechanical systems that the Owner’s maintenance personnel can use.
  • The Owner may also request documents in specific formats, such as on disc or memory stick, and the drawings in a usable format for future review.

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