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Use this 3 part SimpleSpecs™ master specification to specify precast concrete countertops that are shop-fabricated off site and transported to the project site for installation.

Concrete may be utilized as surfacing material in one of several forms: cast-in-place (in which the fabricator creates forms atop the previously installed cabinetry, places, and then finishes the material in situ), custom precast ( in which the fabricator creates site templates, duplicates the pattern in a production facility offsite, and installs the finished product atop the cabinetry), and the machining of pre-manufactured gauged slabs (similar to natural stone fabrication).

Concrete, especially precast, lends itself to a high degree of customization due to the phase-change nature of its creation, filling a specific form with a fluid material that hardens (through mineral hydration) to a durable cast stone.

Color choices, edge styles, three-dimensional sculpting, and integral features such as sinks, drainboards, and decorative embedments are design options that may be incorporated.

Due to its site-specific and generally handmade nature, concrete countertops are often produced by small shops and individual artisans although there are several large-scale manufacturers of gauged slabs.

Precast concrete countertops are typically porous, so a sealer is normally applied to the exposed surfaces after fabrication to prevent staining and absorption of liquids.

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