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Metal Fabrications

SimpleSpecs master specification template to specify metal fabrications.  Sometimes referred to as “Miscellaneous Metals.”

What are Metal Fabrications?

Metal fabrications for commercial construction projects.  Encompassing a broad range of components and materials made from metal that are used in the construction of commercial buildings. These fabrications are often referred to as “Miscellaneous Metals” and include various structural and decorative elements.

Some common examples of metal fabrications include:

  1. Metal Railings: Used for safety barriers along staircases, balconies, and elevated platforms. They can be made from materials such as steel, aluminum, or stainless steel.
  2. Ladders: Metal ladders for access to elevated areas within the building.  Such as rooftops, mechanical rooms, or maintenance platforms.
  3. Bar Gratings: These are metal gratings are used for flooring. In areas where drainage, ventilation, or visibility are required, such as mezzanines, catwalks, or outdoor walkways.
  4. Nosings for Concrete Treads: Metal nosings are installed on the edges of concrete stair treads.  To provide durability and enhance safety by preventing slipping and reducing wear.
  5. Bollards: Sturdy vertical posts installed to control or direct traffic flow, protect building entrances, or safeguard pedestrian areas from vehicle intrusion. They are commonly made from steel or concrete.
  6. Metal Supports and Brackets: Structural components used to support various building elements.  Such as canopies, awnings, signage, and mechanical equipment.
  7. Metal Grilles and Screens: These are decorative or functional elements used for ventilation, sun shading, privacy, or aesthetic purposes.  On building facades, windows, and mechanical enclosures.
  8. Custom Metal Fabrications: This category includes any bespoke metal components fabricated to meet specific project requirements, such as custom signage, ornamental features, or architectural details.

Overall, metal fabrications play a crucial role in commercial construction projects, providing structural support, safety features, architectural enhancements, and functional elements to ensure the functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal of the building.


Current OSHA requirements state that ladders over 24 feet in length be provided with a personal fall protection system.


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