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Use this 3 part SimpleSpecs™ master specification to specify an Exterior Insulation and Finish System.  This system is often called EIFS.

This exterior cladding system incorporates a weather barrier, rigid insulation, and an exterior finish, with all components typically furnished by the same manufacturer.

Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems are available in multiple types:

Class PB uses expanded polystyrene insulation adhered to the substrate, standard glass fiber mesh reinforcing, and standard coatings.

Class PM uses either expanded or extruded polystyrene insulation, heavier mesh, and heavier coatings.

Exterior Insulation Impact Resistance

Impact resistance of EIFS is largely dependent on the type of reinforcing used. Standard is suitable where no contact with the system is anticipated, while Medium, High, and Ultra-High use heavier reinforcing and can withstand varying amounts of impact.

Some manufacturers offer hybrid systems with enhanced impact resistance that can incorporate wire mesh or metal lath and a plaster base coat.

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