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Use this 3 part SimpleSpecs™ master specification to specify snow guards for roofs.

Guards are used to prevent accumulated snow from sliding off the roof. They are often placed over entrances and walking surfaces to protect pedestrians but may be installed in other areas to protect landscape plantings as well.

Guards are used primarily on steep-slope metal, shingle and tile roofs but can be used on low-slope roofs as well.

Mounting clams for standing seam metal roofs use a non-penetrating attachment system. For other roof types, a penetrating attachment system must be used. For this reason the type of roofing underlayment is crucial. Using a self-sealing underlayment provides additional protection against leaks around fasteners.

The use of individual plastic guards is discouraged since long-term exposure to ultraviolet causes the plastic to become brittle and they often break off under snow loading.

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