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Use this SimpleSpecs™ master specification to specify firestopping penetrations through and perimeter of a fire and smoke-rated assemblies.

Firestopping is used to prevent the passage of fire, smoke, and gasses through fire and smoke-rated assemblies.  Firestopping is typically required not only at penetrations but also at the perimeter of the rated assembly.

This section uses a system approach that allows for the use of one or more products depending on the assembly, fire rating, type of penetration, and other factors. There is no single product that will work for all applications. For example, a steel conduit in a gypsum board wall requires a different products than a plastic pipe penetrating the same wall.

Specific types of products should be selected by the manufacturer for each application and indicated on a submittal for the Design Professional’s approval.

To learn more about passive firestop products, visit Wikipedia.

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