Stile and Rail Wood Doors (AWI)


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Stile and Rail Wood Doors (AWI)

Use this 3 part SimpleSpecs specification template to specify stile and rail wood doors fabricated to AWI standards.

This section includes flush wood doors with wood veneer or fiberboard faces fabricated to Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) standards.

Premium Grade Excellence

Our Premium Grade doors redefine excellence with:

  • Tighter Tolerances: Expect nothing but the finest craftsmanship and superior matching, setting these doors apart from Custom Grade options.
  • Exacting Requirements: Premium Grade doors go above and beyond, adhering to a set of stringent requirements that ensure flawless performance and aesthetics.

Tailored Finishes for Your Vision

Whether you envision transparent or opaque finishes, our doors are your canvas. You have the flexibility to choose between shop or field finishing, allowing you to align your doors with your design vision.

Safety Meets Style: Fire-Rated Doors

Safety is paramount. Some of our manufacturers offer fire-rated stile and rail wood doors. To explore this option and verify availability along with specific fire ratings, connect directly with our trusted door manufacturers.

AWI Standards

When it comes to selecting and specifying doors that embody excellence, turn to the revered guidance of the Architectural Woodwork Standards by the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI). This invaluable resource offers insights, standards, and best practices, ensuring your door selections align perfectly with your project’s needs.

For a comprehensive guide on doors, don’t hesitate to visit Unleash the potential of your space with Premium Wood Doors crafted to perfection.


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