Tubular Unit Skylights


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8.5" x 11"
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Use this SimpleSpecs™ master specification to specify tubular unit skylights with roof domes, extension tubes, and ceiling diffusers.

This section includes tubular skylights with roof domes, extension tubes, and ceiling diffusers.  Sometimes called light tubes, tubular skylights are used for transmitting or distributing direct natural light through a reflective tube to provide diffused light in a room.

Due to their small size they can typically be installed in existing structures without modification to the roof structure. The reflective tubes can be easily adjusted to direct light to nearly any location.

Two broad categories: hollow structures that contain the light with reflective surfaces, and transparent solids that contain the light by total internal reflection. The principles governing the flow of light through these devices are those of nonimaging optics.[1]

To learn more about skylights visit Wikipedia.

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