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Use this SimpleSpecs™ master specification to specify metal-framed skylights; aluminum framed glazed skylight systems.

This section includes aluminum-framed skylights with glass infill, sometimes referred to as monumental skylights. These skylights are custom fabricated and field assembled.

Metal-framed skylights are capable of spanning large distances without intermediate supports.

Building codes differ on what type of glass is required when placed overhead in skylights. As a minimum laminated glass is required; some codes require laminated tempered glass.

Several different glazing methods are available:

  • Pressure glazed: Glass panels are held in place by pressure plates that capture the glass edges and are attached to the curtain wall framing by bolts positioned between glass panels.
  • Four-Sided Structural silicone glazed: Glass panels are held in place by structural silicone glazing sealer applied to the aluminum framing before the glass panels are placed. Temporary retainers are typically used to hold the glass in position while then sealer cures, then removed. A bead of silicone sealer is then applied between the glass panels. No visible metal occurs on the outside of these joints.
  • Two-Sided Structural Glazed: Similar to four-sided structural glazed except that two opposing glass edges, typically top and bottom, are secured by aluminum framing components.

Finishes for exterior aluminum must provide resistance to weathering and ultraviolet degradation. Class II anodizing and lower quality painted coatings may not suitable for exterior use.

To learn more about skylights, visit Wikipedia.

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