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08 91 00
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Use this 3 part SimpleSpecs™ master specification to specify aluminum wall louvers, either fixed or operable, with insect or bird screens.

This section includes aluminum or galvanized steel wall louvers that are not connected to ductwork, with or without bird and insect screens.

Units connected to ductwork are typically specified in Division 23 – Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning.

Straight blade units are the lowest-performing type of louver as they do not provide resistance to water penetration. This type of louver is often used for aesthetic reasons only, to close off an opening while allowing air movement.

Water baffle units provide increased resistance to water penetration, however, water entering the louver assembly must cascade down the louver assembly to the bottom since there is no weep drainage system.

Drainable blade units collect water entering the louver assembly and route it to downspouts contained in each jamb frame. These are the best-performing louvers.

Finishes for exterior aluminum must provide resistance to weathering and ultraviolet degradation. Class II anodizing and lower-quality painted coatings may not be suitable for exterior use.

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