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Bird Control Devices

Use this SimpleSpecs 3-part specification template to specify bird control devices.  Includes tension wire systems, bird spikes, bird mesh, shock track systems, laser bird deterrents and ledge extension.

Tension Wire Systems

Tension wire systems offer a discreet and humane way to deter birds from perching on your property’s ledges, beams, and rooflines. These systems consist of thin wires held taut by supports, creating an unstable surface for birds, thus discouraging them from landing. Ideal for locations where aesthetics are a priority, tension wires are barely noticeable yet highly effective.

Optimal for: Ledges, Beams, Rooflines

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a popular and effective solution to prevent birds from roosting on various surfaces. These spikes consist of long, needle-like rods attached to a solid base, creating a physical barrier. They are humane, as they do not harm birds but merely make surfaces uncomfortable or inaccessible for them to land. Bird spikes are versatile and can be installed on ledges, window sills, roof peaks, and more.

Optimal for: Ledges, Window Sills, Roof Peaks

Bird Mesh

Bird mesh is an excellent choice for keeping birds out of specific areas like vents, eaves, and other large openings. This durable netting blocks birds from entering while allowing continued airflow and light passage. It’s particularly effective for larger bird species and in areas where nesting is common.

Optimal for: Vents, Eaves, Large Open Areas

Shock Track Systems

Shock track systems deliver a mild electric shock to birds that attempt to land on treated surfaces. These systems are humane and cause no harm to the birds but provide enough of a deterrent to prevent them from roosting. Ideal for ledges, rooflines, and signage, shock tracks are almost invisible to the naked eye, maintaining the aesthetics of your building.

Optimal for: Ledges, Rooflines, Signs

Laser Bird Deterrents

Lasers are an innovative and effective way to scare away birds over a large area. These devices emit a laser beam that birds find disturbing, causing them to vacate the area. They are particularly useful in agricultural fields and large open spaces where traditional physical barriers are not feasible.

Optimal for: Fields, Large Open Spaces

Ledge Extension

Ledge extensions involve altering the angle of ledges, such as windowsills, to make them less appealing to birds. By creating a slope, birds are unable to find a stable footing, thereby reducing the likelihood of them roosting. This method is subtle yet effective, and can be designed to blend seamlessly with your building’s architecture.

Optimal for: Windowsills, Ledges


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