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8.5" x 11"
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Easy to edit specification for design professionals to create a project requirement for interior overhead mounted roller window shades.

Roller window shades are used for solar and vision control and can be manually or electrically operated, They are mounted on the interior side of exterior glazed assemblies.

Available fabrics include standard and blackout types.

Standard fabrics are available in a wide range of patterns and opaqueness levels, referred to as openness factor, from nearly opaque to fabric that allows for vision through the shade while blocking varying amounts of light and vision.

Blackout fabrics are used to darken rooms where audio visual systems are used. They require perimeter channels to reduce light infiltration.

Roller shades can have the head tube exposed or covered with a facia.

Electrically operated shades can be controlled by switches or customizable multi-zone control systems.

It is possible to mount two shades back-to-back in a single opening thereby allowing the use of either standard or blackout fabric depending on current room use.

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