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What is it?

Pre-engineered wood saunas are a type of sauna that are designed and built off-site, and then shipped to the customer’s location as a complete unit. These saunas are typically made from wood, and are pre-fabricated to include all of the necessary components for a functioning sauna, including:

Ceiling, wall, and floor finishes: The pre-engineered wood sauna is furnished with wood paneling for the walls and ceiling, and a wood or tile floor finish. The wood paneling is typically made from high-quality wood such as cedar or hemlock, which is resistant to moisture and decay.

Doors: The sauna comes with a pre-hung door that is specifically designed for sauna use. The door is typically made from glass and wood, and is insulated to prevent heat loss.

Heaters: The sauna is equipped with a heater, which is responsible for heating the sauna room. The heater may be electric, gas, or wood-fired, and is designed to provide a consistent temperature throughout the sauna.

Controls: The sauna also comes with controls, which allow the user to adjust the temperature and humidity levels. The controls may be digital or analog, and may include a timer and thermostat.

Pre-engineered wood saunas offer a convenient and efficient way to install a sauna in a home or commercial setting. The pre-fabricated design makes installation quick and easy, and the sauna is fully equipped with all the necessary components for a comfortable and relaxing sauna experience.


  • Wood saunas are pre-engineered to specific room sizes with heaters sized to those conditions. They are furnished complete with ceiling, wall, and floor finishes, doors, heaters, and controls.
  • Wood is furnished precut for field assembly and is available in a variety of species.
  • Heaters can be gas or electric.

Visit Wikipedia to learn more about saunas.

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