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Use this 3-part SimpleSpec™ template to specify raised access flooring.

Flooring is used to provide an interstitial space for utilities while providing accessibility to those utilities. A grid of steel supports on adjustable pedestals is placed over a structural floor, providing support for removable floor panels. Ramps and steps are included in this section to provide access to the raised flooring.

Systems are available in a variety of grid types, load capacities, and finishes to suit project requirements.

Grid systems are available in steel or aluminum and as drop-in or bolted assemblies.

Removable floor panels are available in steel or aluminum with wood cores or factory-installed cementitious fill.

Panels may be of the bolted type where a mechanical fastener is installed at panel corners, or drop-in type that do not require fasteners. Panels may be unfinished for use with free-lay carpet tiles or finished with carpet or plastic laminate. Perforated panels are available to provide for air distribution.

Low-profile systems are also available and can be added to this section.

Learn more about raised floor systems on Wikipedia.

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