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Use this SimpleSpecs™ master specification to specify standard chain-link fences and gates, barbed wire, barbed tape, and other accessories.

What’s specified?

  • – Chain-link fences are made from a series of interlocking metal wires that are stretched between posts. They are one of the most popular and widely used fencing systems worldwide, particularly for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. They provide a durable and long-lasting barrier and a high level of security.
  • – Chain-link gates are made from the same interlocking metal wires as a fence.  Designed to be used as an entrance and exit point in a chain-link fence line. Available in various sizes and styles and can be equipped with various locking mechanisms, including manual latches, key-locking mechanisms, or electronic locks.
  • – Barbed wire is made from two or more twisted metal wires coated in zinc or another corrosion-resistant material. The wires have sharp points or barbs that are spaced along their length. Barbed wire is often used to secure a property’s perimeter or create a barrier difficult to climb or cut through. It can also be used as an addition to a chain-link fence to increase its security level.
  • – Barbed tape (also known as concertina wire) is similar to barbed wire, but it is made from a flat ribbon of wire.  It’s folded back and forth to create a series of sharp points or barbs. It is often used with chain-link fences or gates to create a more secure barrier.

These fencing systems secure perimeters, separate different areas, and provide privacy. They are the most versatile, cost-effective, and low maintenance, while barbed wire and barbed tape provide additional levels of security.

It’s important to consult a professional to determine which type of fencing system is best for a specific property. It’s also important to comply with local regulations and building codes when installing gates and fences.

Related Association

For assistance in detailing and specifying chain link fences and gates, refer to documents available from the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute (CLFMI) at

  • Wind Load Guide.
  • Product Manual.

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