01 60 00 Product Requirements (Design/Build)

01 60 00 Product Requirements (Design/Build)

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Construction Product Requirements for Design/Build


Use this CSI 3-part SimpleSpecs™ to specify general construction product requirements for design/build projects, applicable to all products specified in Divisions 02 through 50.


General Product Requirements:

This section specifies statements to specify the general requirements applicable to all products. Eliminating the need to repeat the statements in each section in Divisions 02 through 50.


Product Options:

The terms used in this article coordinate throughout the SimpleSpecs™ Master Specifications system. They provide multiple ways in which to specify products and make the process of reviewing substitutions easier.


In SimpleSpecs™ the terms “or equal” and “or approved equal” are not used. “Or equal” does not require that the Design Professional review the alternate product that the Subcontractor wishes to use.


– “or approved equal” does imply a requirement for review, it can still be problematic. While simple products make have exact equals, a more complex product like a light fixture may be a patented product for which there is no equal.


The product options used in this section should be used uniformly throughout all sections to ensure product options requirements are clear.


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Construction Product Requirements for Design/Build




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