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Decorative Aluminum Metal

Use this free downloadable 3-part specification to specify decorative aluminum metal extrusions with solid or wood grain powder-coated finish by Parallel Architectural Products.

Aluminum extrusions with solid or wood grain powder-coated finishes are innovative, versatile building materials used in a variety of architectural and construction applications, including cladding, soffits, battens, fencing, screens, gates, enclosures, railings, pergolas, and decking. Let’s break this down into understandable parts, focusing on what makes these materials unique and beneficial for construction projects:

Aluminum Extrusions

Produced by pushing aluminum alloy through a die of a specific shape or profile, creating long sections with uniform cross-sections. This process allows for the creation of complex cross-sectional profiles that are strong, lightweight, and versatile. Extrusions are cut to length and fabricated with holes, slots, or complex geometrical shapes for a wide range of applications.

Solid or Wood Grain Powder-Coated Finish

  • Solid Powder-Coated Finish: This refers to applying a dry powder paint onto the aluminum surface, then cured under heat to form a skin. It creates a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. Solid colors can range widely, allowing for customization and matching with various design aesthetics.
  • Wood Grain Powder-Coated Finish: This is a special type of powder coating that mimics the look of wood while maintaining the durability and lightweight properties of aluminum. It is achieved through a sublimation process, where a wood grain pattern is transferred onto the powder-coated aluminum surface. This offers the aesthetic appeal of wood without the maintenance concerns such as warping, rotting, or susceptibility to insects.

Applications in Construction and Architecture

  • Cladding: As exterior cladding for buildings, offering protection from weather elements while providing a modern aesthetic.
  • Soffits: Installed under the eaves of roofs to protect the rafter beams and provide ventilation to the attic.
  • Battens: Used for aesthetic purposes on facades or as part of a rainscreen system.
  • Fencing, Screens, Gates, and Enclosures: Offers a durable and low-maintenance solution for boundary and security purposes.  Also as a decorative screens and privacy fencing.
  • Railings: On balconies, decks, and stairs, aluminum railings to match various architectural styles.
  • Pergolas and Decking: Provides a durable, weather-resistant option for outdoor living spaces, requiring minimal maintenance compared to traditional wood structures.


  • Durability: Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, ensuring a long lifespan for the products.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike wood, aluminum does not require frequent painting or staining.
  • Aesthetics: With solid and wood grain finishes, it offers a wide range of design options.
  • Lightweight: Makes it easier to handle and install, reducing construction time and costs.

Decorative Aluminum metal extrusions with these finishes offer architects and builders the flexibility to meet both aesthetic and structural requirements, making them a popular choice in modern construction projects for their blend of functionality, durability, and design versatility.

This section can be renumbered and retitled to suit a project’s requirements, like one of the following: 

  • 05 33 00 – Aluminum Decking
  • 05 52 00 – Metal Railings
  • 07 42 00 – Metal Wall Cladding
  • 07 43 00 – Metal Soffit Panels
  • 10 82 50 – Metal Battens
  • 32 31 19 – Metal Fences


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