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Use this 3-part SimpleSpecs™ master to specify glass fiber fabrications including columns, cornices, domes, and other components.

What is it?

Polyester GF fabrications are made using polyester resin, which is a thermosetting plastic. The fabrications are strong, lightweight, and heat resistant. They are also fire resistant. Polyester fiberglass is ideal for columns, cornices, domes, and other architectural applications.

The strength and durability of polyester fiberglass make it ideal for any number of uses in the construction industry.

Why use it?

Because this material is lightweight and sturdy, its ideal for use in architectural projects where weight needs to be kept down while still maintaining strength. Other advantages include:

Durability: The material has a high resistance to corrosion, lightweight, and maintenance-free.

Cost: Compared with other types of materials used for similar purposes (such as concrete), are less expensive and easier to install.

Strength: Pound for pound, fiberglass is stronger than concrete, steel or aluminum.

Learn more about fiberglass at Wiki.

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