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Grind and Seal Concrete Finish

Use this 3-part specification template to specify a grind and seal finish for exposed concrete floors.

What is it?

Concrete grind and seal is a process that involves grinding down the surface of a concrete floor using specialized grinding equipment and then applying a sealant to the surface to provide protection and enhance its appearance. The grinding process is done using diamond grinding tools that remove the top layer of the concrete surface, creating a smooth and even finish. The depth of the grind depends on the condition of the concrete surface and the desired finish.

After the grinding process is complete, a topical membrane forming sealer is applied to the surface of the concrete.  The sealer finish options are high gloss, matte and semi gloss.  The final membrane protects against moisture penetration and stains.

Concrete grind and seal is a popular option for enhancing the appearance of concrete floors in commercial and industrial settings.

How does it differ from polished concrete finishing?

The main difference between a concrete grind and seal and a polished concrete finish is the level of shine and reflectivity achieved on the concrete surface. Both processes involve grinding down the concrete surface, but the final steps differ in terms of the level of polishing.

Concrete grind and seal involves grinding down the surface of the concrete and then applying a sealant to protect the surface and provide a glossy finish. The level of shine achieved depends on the type of sealant used and the level of grinding performed. The resulting finish is typically less reflective and less polished compared to a polished concrete finish.

A polished concrete finish involves a similar grinding process.  But the final steps involve the use of progressively finer diamond grinding tools to achieve a high level of shine and reflectivity. This process can create a mirror-like finish on the concrete surface, with a high level of reflectivity that can enhance the overall appearance of the space.

Polished concrete is more expensive option than a concrete grind and seal.  This is due to the additional time and effort required to achieve the high level of polish. However, it also provides greater durability and longevity, as well as a more visually impressive finish.


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