Precast Concrete Splash Blocks


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Precast Concrete Splash Blocks

Use this 3 part specification template to specify precast concrete splash blocks for use where downspouts terminate at grade.

For architects dedicated to the longevity and safety of commercial structures, incorporating splash blocks at downspout terminations is vital. These elements are crucial in diverting water away from foundations, preventing erosion and water damage, which are common issues in building maintenance.

Choosing materials for these blocks is a significant decision. Precast concrete, known for its robustness and resistance to environmental elements, offers a lasting solution. This material withstands heavy water flow and extreme weather, making it a reliable choice for managing rainwater discharge effectively.

Versatile Applications for Architectural Designs

While commonly used at grade level, these blocks are also adaptable for complex architectural designs. In scenarios where upper-level downspouts drain onto lower roofs, placing protective layers beneath the blocks is recommended. This approach prevents damage to roof membranes, showcasing the versatility of these water management solutions in various building designs.

Long-Term Benefits for Commercial Projects

Incorporating these blocks into a commercial project goes beyond immediate water diversion. It’s about ensuring the integrity and functionality of the building for years. Their use demonstrates a commitment to detail-oriented, practical design, enhancing the project’s overall value and sustainability.

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