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Use this 3 part SimpleSpecs™ master specification to specify hot-rolled steel windows, with or without inset screens, fabricated from hot-rolled steel sections.

Windows use applied glazing stops or glazing putty to retain glazing in position. Some manufacturers use extruded aluminum glazing stops.

Windows may be shop primed and field painted or shop finished with baked enamel.

Windows may also be utilized as doors with proper hardware attachments.

Windows are designed to be installed directly into structural openings of wood, masonry, block, brick or structural steel.  Typically, they are connected to the structural opening by either fastening directly through the window frame, or by anchor straps provided by the window manufacturer.

Hot rolled windows are usually shipped unglazed, and therefore are installed in the structural opening before glazing. Cold rolled windows are usually shipped glazed, and are usually installed with anchor straps.

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