Wood Fiber Acoustical Wall Panels


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Wood Fiber Acoustical Wall Panels

A 3-part SimpleSpecs specification template for design professionals to specify direct-applied fabric-covered acoustical wall panels for interior locations.

Wood fiber acoustical wall panels are a specific type of sound-absorbing panel used to enhance the acoustic properties of a room or space. They are particularly popular in commercial settings for both their functional and aesthetic qualities.

Acoustical wall panels absorb sound and reduce sound reflection in spaces such as gymnasiums and churches. This section includes unfaced and fabric-faced wood fiber-type panels. Unfaced panels can be factory or field painted.

The acoustical performance of these panels are affected by the thickness of the panel, type of fabric, size and spacing of the panels, and mounting type.

Wood fiber panels are impact-resistant and are useful where physical damage could occur such as in gymnasiums and multi-purpose rooms.

Sound Isolation vs. Absorption

It’s important to note that while these panels are effective at sound absorption, they do not significantly block sound transmission between rooms (sound isolation). For sound isolation, different construction techniques and materials are required.

To learn more about soundproofing, visit Wikipedia.

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Wood Fiber Acoustical Wall Panels

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