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Utilize this section to specify thin film intumescent fireproofing for structural steel components.

Fireproofing is used to protect a building’s structural members from damage during a fire in order to provide an extended period for occupants to evacuate before collapse and to minimize fire damage to the building. The required fire protection rating is dictated by the applicable building code and is stated in hours. The hourly rating is dependent on the size and shape of the member being fireproofed, type and thickness of the fireproofing material, location of the member within the structure, and other factors. There is no single fireproofing solution that meets all code requirements. Consult with a fireproofing manufacturer to ascertain the correct fireproofing design for each application.

Intumescent mastic fireproofing is sometimes referred to as thin film fireproofing since it is significantly thinner than other types of fireproofing, including sprayed cementitious. It can be troweled smooth and left exposed and can be covered with an approved topcoat where color is desired.

Intumescent mastic fireproofing should not be confused with intumescent paint, which only changes the surface burning characteristics of a wood substrate.

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