07 92 00 Joint Sealers by Solid Solutions Products, Inc.

07 92 00 Joint Sealers by Solid Solutions Products, Inc.

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Joint Sealers

Use this specification guide to specify interior and exterior Joint Sealers for concrete as manufactured by Solid Solution Products, Inc.


Text is organized in CSI 3 part specification layout and is intended to be inserted into 07 92 00 – Joint Sealers.


Sealers are used to close gaps between materials to provide a weather seal and visual continuity. Many sealers are permanently flexible to allow for movement without damage to the sealer.  Sealers are available for exterior and interior use in a wide range of conditions.


Careful consideration of joint sealer types is required to ensure success, including joint dimensions, anticipated movement, the potential for pedestrian or vehicular traffic, and acoustical requirements.


For assistance on the use of the products in this section, contact Solid Solution Products by calling (844) 439-7687 or visit their website at www.ssppolymers.com.


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