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Use this 3-part SimpleSpecs™ template to specify key storage boxes to allow fire department access to a campus or building.

This section includes a simple box with or without a tamper alarm wire. More sophisticated boxes are available that monitor access and provide other access and security features.

What are key storage boxes?

Also known as key safes or key lock boxes, they secure storage devices.  Mounted on an access gate, wall-mounted on the exterior or on a wall near an entrance.

They are designed to allow authorized personnel, such as the fire department, to access the keys or keycards needed to enter a building or campus in an emergency.

They feature a combination or key-operated lock and can be programmed with a unique code or key that only authorized personnel knows. Some units also have a built-in alarm system that sounds when the box is tampered with or opened without permission.

Mounting type for this section  on an access gate or wall-mounted on a building.

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