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Advertisement for Bids

Use this 3 partspecification template to advertise a project for bids and instruct prospective bidders in how to obtain bidding documents and prepare and submit a bid. This section expands on AIA Document A701 – Instructions to Bidders, which is incorporated by reference. Other Instructions to Bidders may also be utilized, with appropriate modifications.

The Advertisement for Bids, also referred to as the Invitation to Bid, is used to attract prospective bidders and to inform them of the nature of the project and how to obtain Bidding Documents. The term “Advertisement” is often used on publicly funded projects where bidding is open to any qualified bidder, while “Invitation” is used primarily on privately funded projects where a closed list of invited bidders is employed.

On publicly funded projects a legal advertisement is typically required to be published in several local or regional newspapers or online publications prior to receipt of bids. This document can be used as a basis for preparing that advertisement.

A pre-bid conference is helpful in assisting prospective bidders in understanding the project and allowing them to ask any questions they may have. It can also be used to provide a walk-through on renovation and restoration projects. Proceedings of a pre-bid conference are typically recorded and distributed to attendees by addendum.

AIA Documents may be obtained from the American Institute of Architects at

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