07 29 00 Radiant Barriers

07 29 00 Radiant Barriers

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07 29 00

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Radiant Barriers

Use this CSI 3 part SimpleSpecs™ master specification to specify reflective radiant barriers for use in roof, ceiling, wall, and floor assemblies.


A radiant barrier reflects heat away from the assembly its protecting. When sun strikes a roof it is primarily radiant energy that makes the roof hot. Much of this heat travels by conduction through the roofing assembly to the building interior, where it radiates heat energy onto the cooler interior surfaces, including air ducts, attic floors, and ceilings.


Material reduces radiant heat transfer from the roof to the interior surfaces, thereby reducing heat gain and cooling costs


Barriers are typically placed in the roof assembly, as close to the exterior as possible.


To learn more about radiant barriers, visit Wikipedia.


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Radiant Barriers


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