Stained Concrete Finish (ZD)


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Stained Concrete Finish

Elevate your space with our exquisite stained concrete finish for floor surfaces. Utilize this straightforward 3-part specification template to effortlessly specify this transformative solution.

Two types of concrete stains:
  1. Acid-Based Stains: These deeply penetrate and chemically react with the concrete, resulting in authentic and captivating color variations. While the color palette leans towards earthy tones, the natural effect is nothing short of stunning.
  2. Water-Based Stains: Boasting a wide array of colors, these stains offer unparalleled versatility. Mix and match hues just like you would with water-based paints, giving you endless creative possibilities.

Clear Floor Sealers:

To ensure the longevity and resilience of your concrete floors, we recommend applying floor sealers. These marvels not only reduce dusting and staining but also fortify against absorption. While most sealers are transparent, there are options available in various colors to suit your aesthetic.

It’s important to note that topical sealers create a protective layer over the stain. However, in high-traffic areas, they may experience wear and tear. Keep this in mind when planning your space.

Important Note:

Floor sealers are designed to enhance and safeguard your concrete floors. They do not serve as moisture vapor emission control for finished flooring and are not intended to be covered by a flooring system.

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