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Unit Masonry Restoration

Use this 3-part specification template to specify the unit masonry restoration (historic brick) and stone masonry, using salvaged or new materials. Patching and veneering of existing units with patching compounds or new masonry to match are included.

Unit masonry restoration (historic brick) is a specialized process that involves repairing and preserving historic brick buildings.

This type of restoration requires a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of historic bricks, and the use of methods and materials compatible with the original construction.

The goal of unit masonry restoration (historic brick) is to preserve the integrity of the building’s original design and materials while addressing any necessary repairs.

Restoration experts with years of experience working on historic brick buildings will have the skill and knowledge necessary to restore your property to its former glory.  Repairing cracks, crumbling, and missing bricks, repointing and restoring the original color, and finishing your brick’s surface will be required.

This will ensure that your building is structurally sound and preserves its architectural and historical integrity. Trust our experts to breathe new life into your historic brick building, preserving it for generations.

Restoring surfaces, such as glass unit masonry, is not included but can be added.

For additional information, refer to Preservation Brief No. 2 – Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Brick Buildings by the National Park Service, www.nps.gov.


Related Testing Standard:

ASTM C67 / C67M – Standard Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Brick and Structural Clay Tile


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