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Wheelchair Lifts

Use this 3-part SimpleSpecs specification template to specify wheelchair lifts.

Commercial wheelchair lifts are specialized lifts designed to provide accessibility for individuals using wheelchairs or with limited mobility, especially in commercial settings. They are an essential feature for ensuring accessibility in public buildings, workplaces, schools, and other facilities.

These lifts are intended to help individuals in wheelchairs or with mobility impairments overcome stairs or steps, providing access to different levels within a building. They are a crucial aspect of making commercial spaces compliant with accessibility laws and regulations.

Types of Wheel Chair Lifts

  • Vertical Platform Lifts: These lifts move straight up and down. They are often used where there isn’t enough space for a ramp or when the elevation change is too high for a ramp to be practical.
  • Inclined Platform Lifts: These are installed along the course of a stairway. They feature a platform that travels up and down the stairs, allowing the wheelchair user to move between levels without leaving the wheelchair.

Purpose and Functionality

Wheelchair lifts provide access to different levels of a structure at less cost than an elevator and are used by individuals in wheelchairs and with physical limitations.

The units are sized to allow for use by a single wheelchair or up to two individuals. They can be installed at indoor and exterior locations with proper weather protection.

The lifts can be either electrically or hydraulically operated. Speeds are rated in feet per minute minimums.

Platforms are manufactured of steel in various sizes and designed to accommodate various weight capacities.

The lifts are made to be durable and safe. They have an anti-abrasion skid plate, preventing the wheelchair from getting caught on any surface it passes.

The lift has a steel frame with rails that are powder coated for rust resistance and durability.

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