Construction abbreviations

What are Construction Abbreviations?

Construction abbreviations are reference standards to industry organizations that are specified in individual 3-part specifications throughout a project manual.  This is a list of abbreviations and acronyms used in other sections in Divisions 02 through 50, commonly specified in SimpleSpecs™ section 01 42 13 – ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS. 

AAMAAmerican Architectural Manufacturers
AAADMAmerican Association of Automatic Door
AASHTOAmerican Association of State Highway and Transportation
ABAAAir Barrier Association of
ACIAmerican Concrete
AISCAmerican Institute of Steel
AITCAmerican Institute of Timber
AMCAAir Movement and Control Association International,
AISIAmerican Iron and Steel
ANSIAmerican National Standards
APAEngineered Wood Association                                        
ASCCAmerican Society of Concrete
ASCEAmerican Society of Civil
ASHRAEAmerican Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning
ASMEAmerican Society of Mechanical
AWIArchitectural Woodwork
AWMACArchitectural Woodwork Manufacturers of
AWSAmerican Welding
BHMABuilders Hardware Manufacturers
CDACopper Development
CISCACeiling and Interior Systems Construction
CLFMIChain Link Fence Manufacturers
CRICarpet and Rug
CRSIConcrete Reinforcing Steel
CSACanadian Standards
Cast Stone
CSSBCedar Shingle and Shake
CSPCUnited States Consumer Product Safety
DASMADoor and Access Systems Manufacturers Association
EIMAEIFS Industry Manufacturers
FMFactory Mutual Insurance
FSCForest Stewardship
GSGreen Seal,
IGMAInsulating Glass Manufacturers
ISOInternational Organization for
MFMAMaple Flooring Manufacturer’s
MPIMaster Painters
MVMAMasonry Veneer Manufacturers
NAAMMNational Association of Architectural Metal
NEMAAssociation of Electrical and Medical Imaging Equipment
NELMANortheastern Lumber Manufacturers
NFPANational Fire Protection
NFRCNational Fenestration Rating
NFSINational Floor Safety
NHLANational Hardwood Lumber
NISTNational Institute of Standards and
NLGANational Lumber Grades
NRCANational Roofing Contractors
NTMANational Terrazzo and Mosaic
NWFANational Wood Flooring
PCIPrecast/Prestressed Concrete
PEIPorcelain Enamel
RCSCResearch Council on Structural
RFCIResilient Floor Covering
RISRedwood Inspection
SCAQMDSouth Coast Air Quality Management
SDISteel Deck
SDISteel Door
SFIASteel Framing Industry
SIPAStructural Insulated Panel
SJISteel Joist
SMACNASheet Metal and Air Conditioning Manufacturer’s Association
SPIBSouthern Pine Inspection
SPRISingle Ply Roofing
SSMASteel Stud Manufacturer’s
SSPCSociety for Protective
SWISteel Window
TCNATile Council of North
TMSThe Masonry
TPITruss Plate
TPITurfgrass Producers
USDOJUnited States Department of
USEPAUnited States Environmental Protection
USEPAUnited States Environmental Protection
USGBCU.S. Green Building
USPSUnited States Postal
WCLIBWest Coast Lumber Inspection
WDMAWindow and Door Manufacturers
WRCLAWestern Red Cedar Lumber
WWPAWestern Wood Products

A list of construction abbreviations and acronyms included in a commercial construction project manual.

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